Mary Clay
New Age Fiction by Linda Tuck-Jenkins a.k.a Mary Clay


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s today's freak weather caused by ocean currents and global warming? Are electricity blackouts really the result of inadequate supplies? Or is something momentous about to occur?
In a long forgotten era, Starpeople came to this planet. They were scientists—genetic engineers—intent on creating a new species. Unfortunately, the experiments went awry. Now they must right the wrongs of the far distant past in order to save Earth and the unity of Creation itself...

Against a backdrop of freak storms, electricity blackouts and government cover-ups, Starpeople: The Sirian Redemption provides an uplifting outcome to the doomsday prophecies. With a rich blend of fact, science fiction and New Age thought, this fast-paced thriller presents a message of hope, unity and the importance of every individual—no matter how seemingly imperfect or unlikely—to the Universal Plan.

"... fabulous ... a real page turner!" 

Nicol Wachter, Editor, Daytona Sun Times

I could not put this book down! Okay, so you heard of the reincarnation theory. Well Linda Tuck-Jenkins takes it to another level as she introduces us to Starpeople, ancient aliens reborn as humans. In Starpeople: The Sirian Redemption, Starpeople have returned to earth to redeem themselves and fight the battle of earth's survival. A battle fought not with guns and ammunition, but with ancient chants and healing songs. This book tells the story of a seemingly ordinary woman who finds herself caught up in a race to stop the earth from destroying itself. Tuck-Jenkins takes the ordinary stuff of human life and reminds us how extraordinary it all is! Instead of the popular doomsday predictions of the new millennium Starpeople is bright light of hope, promising a future that many of us believe is on the brink. You'll find yourself rooting for the Starpeople and casting around in your own mind for traces of ancient memories. At the end of the Starpeople: The Sirian Redemption, I found myself smiling and hoping madly that there was already a sequel printed!

Beverly Poitier-Henderson, Novelist, Screenwriter, Jewelry Artist and
Daughter of Famed Actor Sidney Poitier

"With this book, Linda Tuck-Jenkins firmly establishes herself as one of the best transformative fiction writers of today.  The book claims to be fiction yet I wonder if it isn’t prophecy. … I couldn’t put it down …." 

Michael Peter Langevin, Publisher, Magical Blend Magazine
  "... a terrific read that blends fact, science fiction and New Age concepts with cliff-hanger suspense and a rollercoaster ride of a plot!" 
Midwest Book Review

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