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The DAFFODILS are back and so are dead bodies, taser guns, mob bosses and quirky lovers!

Amidst hurricanes and gale force winds, Ruthie, Leigh, and Penny Sue fight hot flashes, hot metal, cold stiffs, friendly spirits, and gun toting senior citizens. Ruthie consults her spirit guides, Penny Sue uses her anti-terrorist training, and Leigh tries good old common sense to stay one step ahead of the local law, hired guns, and Mother Nature.

“Wow, is this a Glock forty-five?”
Penny Sue asked Guthrie.

“Yeah, the compact model. There’s a smaller one, but I thought it looked wussy. Man, if you’re going to carry a gun, you want something that makes a statement.”

Penny Sue smirked at me. “My sentiments, exactly.”

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"This delightfully charming tale will win the author many new fans."

MURDER IS THE PITS is a delightfully funny crime caper that will have readers laughing out loud as the protagonists cope with three hurricanes, two different crime groups, and a reunion of friends where everyone is on edge at one point or another. Mary Clay treats the situations very seriously but she injects humor in the way the characters cope with death threats, life threatening storms and a gang war. In tense situations, humor is used to relieve stress, which allows readers to find the storyline totally believable. The friendship of the forty-something women is the glue that holds the story together. This delightfully, charming tale will win the author many new fans.

Harriet Klausner, The Readers Guild, Amazon #1 Reviewer

"...will have the readers rolling in the aisles. A triumph!"

Mary Clay has done it again! She has produced a hilarious pre-menopausal combination of divorced women who band together in thick and thin. The combination of Leigh's level-headedness, Penny Sue's sashays and wine guzzling, with Ruthie's forays into the New Age spirit world is enough to brighten any reader's day. The women splash money and daffodil symbols around to raise funds for hurricane relief and climb into race cars to gain national attention, all the while protecting themselves from Russian and Italian mafia. Clay's own particular brand of the psychology of human nature reflected in the DAFFODILS will have the readers rolling in the aisles. A triumph!"

Shelley Glodowski - Senior Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"The best so far of the DAFFODILS books."

The author has really fleshed out her characters, and by the third book they are as familiar as old friends.  Leigh's levelheadedness, Penny Sue's flirtatious nature and Ruthie's New Age slightly flaky spirituality make them the ideal team.  The character interactions, the gentle teasing and feminine in-jokes add to their appeal and invite the reader to imagine themselves as part of the sisterhood.